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European benefits


Assistance is key at EBC

Assistance is central to our values

EBC has been providing recruitment solutions for over 10 years, bolstered by strong, multicultural values.

We know that finding work outside of your home country is complicated. That’s why we adapt to you and your culture, so you can put your skills to work in a company that suits you.

We are by your side throughout your job search. Once you have found a suitable job and company, we assist you from the moment you leave your home country to your arrival in France, and even after this point. Our support also includes the provision of accommodation, transport, and social assistance. Social assistance is on-hand daily to answer any questions you may have during the expatriation process (administration procedures, healthcare, translations, etc.).

We are always there to assist you in your job, and much more.

Gain professional experience by working in France

Working abroad can lead to a wealth of opportunities, particularly in terms of professional experience.

EBC helps you find a job suited to your skillset.

We do all we can to make sure you feel comfortable during your assignments in France. All professional experience is enriching, irrespective of the company. However, experience working abroad really makes your CV stand out to recruiters, as it demonstrates a number of strengths. It shows that you are versatile, able to adapt to your environment, and have knowledge of various working techniques in line with the sector. As such, your profile becomes highly attractive to our recruiters.


Get in touch with EBC easily via our social media channels

Social media makes it possible to communicate with others on a shared platform easily, and most importantly, from anywhere in the world. This is one of the reasons why EBC has a strong social media presence, particularly on Facebook and WhatsApp.

All our job opportunities can be found on our business page throughout the year. We make every effort to maintain close links with you on a daily basis. As a result, the page also contains essential information and important updates (law, healthcare, etc.). You can get in touch with all of EBC’s recruiters on Facebook and WhatsApp quickly and easily. We are on-hand to assist your job search in the simplest, most convenient way possible.


Benefits of working with EBC

As an employment agency, we find you a job, financial stability and provide additional benefits. We provide accommodation and a vehicle for the duration of your assignment with us. Your accommodation is fully equipped: all you have to do is unpack. Our field coordinators support you once you arrive in France. We are always on-hand to assist you with any concerns you may have and help you with administrative procedures for the duration of your time with us. It’s as easy as EBC!


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