227 rue de Châteaugiron, Rennes, France

About us

EBC has always believed in professional values, responsiveness and assistance when bringing together individuals ready to make a difference.

After observing a shortage in manpower in certain positions in France, the founders of EBC decided to extend their candidate search area to cover the European Union in 2016.
The dynamic and motivated team at EBC supports client development and candidate integration, irrespective of nationality.
We strive to take care of our clients and candidates, which is why we offer a turnkey service that delivers the following:

  • Identifies needs and skills
  • Offers tailor-made recruitment
  • Advises on candidate selection
  • Finds transport solutions
  • Provides accommodation and vehicles
  • Candidate integration
  • Assignment follow-up

Our teams operate all over France to guarantee you a close-proximity, high-performance service.

We provide innovative and tailor-made European staffing solutions for French businesses struggling to recruit in France. Our candidates appreciate the quality of the jobs we offer, as well as the high standards of reception, accommodation, and follow-up support we provide. Our goal is to ensure the professional success of our clients and candidates.


Are you experiencing recruitment issues? EBC has the answer!